FIFA and WHO launch campaign to counter Covid-19


FIFA, the international soccer governing body, has joined the World Health Organization to combat the Corona Virus (Covid-19) by launching a new awareness campaign led by the most famous football players around the world to invite all people around the world to take the major steps Five to stop the spread of the disease.

The “Deliver the Message to Kick a Coronavirus” campaign promotes the five main steps people need to take to protect their health according to the organization’s guidelines, which are: hand washing, etiquette, coughing, avoiding touching the face, social divergence, and holding home when feeling unwell.

In the context of the virtual event held to launch the campaign at the organization’s headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, Dr. Tedros Adhanum Gebresos said, “FIFA and its president, Gianni Infantino, have been actively involved in the call to fight this pandemic from the beginning. Whether through awareness-raising campaigns or funding, FIFA has stood up against the Corona virus and I am delighted by the support provided by the world football to the organization to pay a knockout kick for this virus. I have no doubt that we will win together as long as we have all this support. ”

For his part, FIFA President Gianni Infantino said, “We need to work as a team to combat the Corona virus.” To this end, FIFA formed a team with the organization because health comes first. I invite football fans around the world to join us in supporting this campaign to get our message across the horizon. Some of the most famous players who played this beautiful sport joined this campaign, united in their desire to deliver the message in order to deliver a knockout kick for Covid-19.

Twenty-eight players will participate in the campaign’s video, which is being released in 13 languages:
Sami Al-Jaber (Saudi Arabia), Alison Baker (Brazil), Imre Bluzoglu (Turkey), Garrig Borgetti (Mexico), Gianluigi Buffon (Italy), Iker Casillas (Spain), Sunhill Chitri (India), Yuri Gorkayev (France), Han Duan (China), Samuel Eto’o (Cameroon), Radamel Falcao (Colombia), Laura George (France), Valeri Karben (Russia), Miroslav Klos (Germany), Philip Lamm (Germany), Gary Lineker (England), and Carly Lloyd (United States), Lionel Messi (Argentina), Mido (Egypt), Michael Owen (England), Park Ji Zong (Korea), Carl Puyol (Spain), and Celia Sassis CH (Germany), Asako Takakura (Japan), Yaya Toure (Cote d’Ivoire), Juan Sebastian Veron (Argentina), Sun Wayne (China), and Xavier Hernandez (Spain).

The campaign’s video, which will be broadcast on FIFA’s sports and digital channels, will be distributed in the form of individual local files to the 211 FIFA member associations, and to media agencies, in addition to posting them as social media images to communicate the message as widely as possible.



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