Ferrari chief announces possible extension of season


Mattia Pinotto, the manager of the Italian Ferrari Formula 1 team, said that the delay in the start of the World Championship 2020 due to # Corona virus, may mean that the first category competition will extend until the beginning of next year.

Like other sporting events, Formula 1 competition was affected by the “Covid 19” epidemic. After the season was due to kick off mid-month at the Australian Grand Prix, the organizers had to cancel the race hours before the start of its free trials due to concerns about the Corona virus.

After that, the Monaco Grand Prix race that was scheduled for next May was canceled, while the Bahrain, Vietnam, China, Netherlands, Spain and Azerbaijan awards were postponed, which practically delayed the start of the tournament until mid-June.

But this date is still up to theoretical because it will be linked to developments in the global health situation and the restrictions currently imposed on movement of travel in various countries of the world in order to combat the outbreak of the epidemic, which caused more than 30 thousand deaths.

“We have decided to give Alfa (the FIA) absolute freedom over scheduling,” Pinoto said in comments to the sports network “Sky Italia”.

He continued: “We are studying several options: If we run the race after the other, we can hold two or three races next January.”

The 2020 championship was scheduled to conclude on November 29 at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. It was also scheduled to consist of 22 races, in a record number in the history of the championship since its inception in 1950.

However, officials in the World Championship confirmed in recent statements, that they may only hold between 15 and 18 races this season.

In light of the current confusion in the table, the first race officially listed on the championship’s website remains the Canada Prize on June 14th.

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