“Fear” of the writer Samer Ismail wins the “Orodram” Award for the year 2020 – Al-Binaa Newspaper


Rasha Mahfoud

Harvested text «the fear» About a play «correction Colors» For the writer Samer Mohammed Ismail Award «The orodram» the network European For drama For the year 2020 To translate With that to me French And for each Languages Approved in a Network The orodram International «Commission Globalism For the theater».

text Writer Ismail The presenter For the body Globalism For the theater Was chosen With Two texts Others In language Arabic, Where Rose up Evaluation 290 Member Make up 29 A committee Linguistic I worked Ali reading 841 Some text Advanced For the competition Year Last time.

Texts Arabic Selected to me side «the fear» she «bottom» By Ammar Grace Jaber And the»Bahia And five photo Egyptian» By Karma Sami.

And in Declaration journalist He said Ismail: Award «The orodram» the network European For drama she Honoring For the imagination Syrian Which Think It in a Develop search About Itself From new distance Years long From The acquisition TV show Unfair on her. and this is No Checks Except From Through Writing text theatrical Fresh And bet And capable Ali The engagement With Reality Away About dust Texts The play Imported Which Chance To reach Our texts The play to me Languages Foreign To receive Chance Investigation Ali Hands Artists Foreigners distance Translate it.

He stopped Ismail About He called it «fatigue Educated Syrian From rumination Texts the library From literature Theatrical», Expressing About His hope To appear talent Written New able Ali talking Slices Wide From The audience in a various Theaters the world Which Overwhelms Today Pestilence virus Sk He closed Theaters Earth And make Offers Ali the network Arachnid And aft Walls Homes.

It is noteworthy that the International Ordram Prize is the second for the text of the play “Fear of Color Correction” after it won the award for the best text in the 2018 Carthage Theater Festival and was presented to the National Theater in Damascus and a number of provinces, which is starring Miriana Maalouli and Youssef Al-Muqbel, who in turn won the Best Actor Award in Carthage.


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