Fans of Jasmine Abdel Aziz accused Rehaj Hajjaj of “kidnapping men” … what happened?


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The public is awaiting a competition between the Egyptian artists Reham Hajjaj and Yasmine Abdelaziz, in the month of Ramadan, where each of them participates in a special series, as Yasmine is running the race in the series “We Love Tani Les” and Reham in the series “When We were Young”, which was revealed a few days ago through the launch He was poisoned for hitting the new series “Akhira”, as she competed with him as an absolute hero for the first time.

Yasmine Abdel Aziz is often accused of being behind any attack against Reham Hajjaj, and with her communication with her followers through her accounts on social media, Reham published a video clip on Instagram, from the scenes of filming her new series, thanks to her hairdresser named ” Alfred, “on the new hairstyle he made for her.

Reham Hajjaj, while receiving comments about the video and the new look, was attacked by a follower from the audience of Yasmine Abdel Aziz, who accused her of being a male kidnapper, so she wrote in a comment to her: “You are not sweet, what is my goal on the kidnapping of men?”

Reham Hajjaj did not keep silent about the follow-up accusation, and she said to her: “What do you think of yourself is delicious? Are you the truth, Bing? And God, if the men you know have eased and been kidnapped, you will not find a man, my heart is with you.”

Reham Hajjaj’s response caused a state of controversy. Her fans expressed solidarity with her, refusing to accuse her of being a man’s kidnapper, and explained the matter that the man whom she married, who is free Yasmine Abdel Aziz, is not young to perform his actions, but rather he is a reasonable man who knows what he is doing and thus kidnapping is difficult.

Others expressed solidarity with Yasmine Abdel-Aziz and confirmed that she had become uninterested in what Reham Hajjaj was doing, especially as she was associated with the artist Ahmed Al-Awadi, and that her competitor was the one who caught the fire of jealousy inside her when she learned this news and went back to communicate again via social media after she was hidden.

It is mentioned that Reham Hajjaj’s latest work was “Carmen”, and it was shown outside the last Ramadan race, and it coincided with her marriage to Muhammad Halawa Taleq Yasmin Abdulaziz, and the tournament was shared by Muhammad Kilani, Sherine, Ahmed Halawa, Walaa Al Sharif and others, and was written by Sameh Majdi, and directed by Hussein Shawkat.

Source: Fuchsia


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