Family, friends and neighbors … one man spreading Corona in New York


With 11 new cases of coronavirus in New York, officials have sought to reassure the population, while the authorities have taken measures to try to control the outbreak.

In this context, the newspaper “Washington Post” prepared a report on the first person who contracted the virus and how it spread it among members of his family, including neighbors and friends.

Initially, a lawyer traveling between suburbs and his office in downtown Manhattan was diagnosed with the coronavirus, then tests showed his wife, son (20 years), and daughter (14 years), then one of his neighbors was infected, and within two days another friend, his wife, and three were wounded. From their children.

Within 48 hours, the medical crisis of one family escalated far beyond its home in Westchester County, where Jewish schools and temples were closed, after the virus demonstrated its ability to spread and spread fear across an area that is among the most densely populated.

The lawyer is undergoing intensive care treatment at New York University Medical Center, suffering from severe pneumonia that could endanger his life, while his family has been kept in quarantine.

As a result, it was decided to impose domestic quarantine on 1,000 people, including 300 people who were in a synagogue continuously visited by the affected family and two people from the University of Son, a large number of students at the girl’s school, seven employees, an attorney at the law firm, and eight employees at a hospital in New York.

The Yeshiva Private Jewish University in New York suspended several days as a precautionary measure, because the son was studying with her, and the girl’s school was also closed.

New York Governor Andrew Como, for his part, said that the health authorities are examining those close to the infected cases, while the investigation process is still ongoing about the infected man and follow his paths, asking citizens to go for examination for health isolation for those whose results appear positive to limit the spread of the virus, and warned that it has become The outbreak in the city cannot be avoided.

Como told reporters: “There is no doubt that new cases will be registered, it is New York, we are a gateway to the world.”

Officials said that the patient’s wife did not show any symptoms until now, and that his daughter and son are in good condition and are in quarantine with their mother at home.

Health officials at the synagogue, frequented by the family, ordered all worshipers to suspend their activities, and imposed a two-week quarantine on them and anyone who attended a funeral in the Jewish synagogue on February 22 and February 23.


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