Fajr Al-Saeed was angry at a conversation about her marriage, Muqtada Al-Sadr, what did she answer?


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It spread through social media during the past hours, a rumor that angered the Kuwaiti media at dawn Al-Saeed, where some talked about the existence of a relationship that it gathered with the Iraqi leader Muqtada Al-Sadr, explaining that she was married to him in a period of time and asked him to divorce and obtain all her rights.

Some added to the severity of the matter when they said that she was pregnant with a child from him, as he came in a tweet spread on social media and shared with Dawn Al-Saeed and she says: “I, the writer Fajr Al-Saeed, announced my divorce from the so-called Moqtada Al-Sadr after a marriage that lasted 6 months, so I have to claim a lawsuit. Against him in the Iraqi courts and I demand my legal and illegal rights to be a child in the month 7 now. ”

Fajr Al-Saeed expressed an angry response to that tweet, saying: “The evil of the misfortune is not what Madrei laughs. They are telling me this fabricated news if you are fighting Mr. Muqtada.

And the Kuwaiti writer and media outlet said: “If I weren’t old before the day of Chloon, I would carry a six-month-old baby now !!!! The old man would not conceive of your messengers, righteousness. # Khmeh.”

Many of the followers interacted with the tweet, noting that it was intended especially that Al-Saeed’s dawn recently had many political opinions that some did not like, while she received many insults from others.

Recently, one of the followers of social media outlets provoked the dawn of Al-Saeed when he likened it to the Egyptian folk singer Shaaban Abdel Rahim, and the beginning was when the tweet Khaled bin Ali Al-Kuwari published on Twitter two pictures of the first dawn during her illness and her hair fall next to the image of the late singer Shaaban Abdel-Rahim. That Shaaboula is dead, he is delusional, and with you is the new version.

And it was from the dawn of Al-Saeed except that I shared the tweet on its Twitter page and commented on it saying: “God have mercy on Shaaban Abdel-Rahim and shroud his soul in Paradise. My world is not permitted except mercy.” Kareem”.

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