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The Corona Virus Follow-up Committee recommended that the closing period for schools and nurseries be extended until 14 March.

The Committee to follow up the preventive measures and measures for Corona virus met in the afternoon in the government house, headed by Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Defense and Chairman of the National Committee for Disaster Management, Major General Mahmoud Al Asmar, in the presence of the general managers of the ministries of public health, Dr. Walid Ammar and Higher Education Fadi Yarq, Advisor to the Prime Minister For Health Affairs Dr. Petra El-Khoury, to representatives of the specialized societies, the World Health Organization, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the United Nations Children’s Fund and the disaster risk management unit team.
Following the meeting, Major General Asmar said: “Today we discussed the latest developments taking place in Lebanon regarding the spread of Corona virus, and the risks faced by the Lebanese community were presented, in light of the increasing numbers of people infected with the virus.

It was agreed on a set of recommendations to be presented to the Prime Minister, Dr. Hassan Diab, which are more stringent measures and procedures to reduce the spread of the virus and ensure the improvement of the public safety of citizens in light of the developments presented by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization.

Among these recommendations:

– The commitment of the official and private educational institutions of all stages (schools, institutes, universities) to close until 3/14/2020

– The continuation of the commitment of all nurseries to closure until 14/03/2020

Close entertainment centers (sports clubs, nightclubs, cinemas ….), exhibitions, theaters, conferences, and others

– Asking all citizens to avoid crowded places and gatherings and abide by the health guidelines issued by the Ministry of Public Health, especially with regard to the safe distance between people and direct contact with others and other guidelines to ensure public safety and reduce the possibility of spreading the virus

Contacting all religious authorities to address overcrowding in places of worship and associated facilities

– Re-circulating the procedures issued by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and the General Directorate of General Security related to the movement of entry and exit to and from Lebanon through all crossings (air, irrigation, freedom)

– Requesting the General Directorate of Civil Aviation to communicate with the IATA to clarify the procedures adopted in relation to COVID-19 at Rafic Hariri International Airport.


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