Exemption of owners of shops and offices in the two projects, “Mina Al Arab”, from rent for 3 months – the economy – the local market


Ras Al Khaimah Real Estate Company has announced the launch of an initiative to support investors in its projects, based on the principles of national and social responsibility that it pursues since its establishment, which coincides with the efforts of the government and the sustainability approach to support the parties concerned in the long term. The initiative includes exempting its tenants from store owners, offices and investors in the two port projects Arabs on the emirate’s beach, and Julphar Towers, rent for 3 months.

Mohamed Sultan Al-Qadi, Managing Director of Ras Al Khaimah Real Estate Company, stressed that this step comes in line with the incentives launched by the UAE to enhance the comprehensive development process and advance the economy, in order to enhance partnership relations with investors, achieve success for the business community and stand up to the challenges of the consequences of the emergence of the new Corona virus. , Which calls for the joining hands and standing together to confront and eliminate it, and to preserve the health and lives of citizens and residents.


He added: Ras Al Khaimah Real Estate Company is keen on promoting the wheels of development and economy in the emirate in particular and the state in general, and decided to provide assistance and support to investors and shop owners in this sensitive period, especially with the low numbers of visitors as a result of national directives to adhere to homes to maintain public health.

Muhammad Sultan Al-Qadi indicated that the company is aware of the reliance of the Port of Arabia project on the number of tourists and visitors, as it is a pioneering tourism project in the emirate that includes a wide range of cafes, restaurants and retail stores, and it must be affected by the low numbers during this period, which necessitates solidarity and stand with its owners, to reduce Economic damages that can be caused to them

It also considered «Julphar Towers» one of the most prominent real estate and commercial development projects set up by the company, as it is one of the vital destinations for business and trade that have been chosen by companies to establish a base in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, and connect the two towers a common platform consisting of three floors, and includes commercial stores And restaurants, which makes it incumbent upon us to support them under these circumstances.


The judge explained that the company’s management will communicate with all tenants in the two projects to inform them of the necessary procedures and provide them with the necessary facilities, which are in their interest and work on various mechanisms to communicate with them during the coming period. The company has taken the necessary measures, which include the application of the highest standards of security and safety across its residential communities and commercial buildings in line with the directives of the rational government and relevant authorities in the state.



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