Enough reveals the names of the stadiums nominated for the Champions League final


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Advertise the Union African For a ball Foot The names Pitches Advanced On request Hosting For the final The two copies Current two From My heroism Cyclic Champions Africa And a cup Confederation.

And it wasAdequatemay be Advertise in a time former About Accommodation The role Final For the two championships From match one in a Playground neutral For the first Once in a Date, And open Door Progress To host them in a Period From 11 And even 20 February the past.

And he saidAdequatein a statement Official that over there 3 Playgrounds Advanced On request Hosting The match The final For my turn Champions Africa, Which Playground Rades in a Tunisia, And playground Mohammed Fifth in a Rabat, And playground Gaboma in a City Douala Cameroonian.

He addedAdequate“:”Building Ali Specifications Artistic, Will The Commission Assigned Which Headed deputy the first For headAdequateConstant Omari Soleimani With a review And evaluation Offers Received With Considerate Accompanying Main Like Structure Infrastructure And residence And things Medical And others.

This He explained the Union African that the decision Final to pick The stadium The host For the match The final For my turn The heroes From Expected that Complete Take it day 12 From Month March Ongoing.

as such He saidAdequatein a piano it’s a did not Receive but Request One To host the match The final For a cup Confederation, he is Playground Moulay Slave Allah City Rabat Moroccan.

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