English Premier League players reject proposals to complete the Premier League


Press reports revealed that players Premier League Are ready to revolution against the plans currently proposed to complete the contest that was suspended, due to an outbreak Corona Coronavirus, Which has spread to most countries of the world in the past days.

The British newspaper “Mirror” said that players from all levels of the game are against the resumption of matches without the presence of the fans, due to the Corona virus.

They have expressed several great concerns for the Association of Professional Footballers, after the possibility of completing the competition in the coming days has been revealed behind closed doors.

The Premier League put together a plan to return behind closed doors early in the beginning of May, as they are under pressure from television companies to finish their equipment or risk the loss of hundreds of millions.

Players insist they do not want to play behind closed doors for several reasons, namely:

They fear for their safety amid strict government warnings of social estrangement.

Their families can be at risk if they become infected afterwards.

Additional pressure will be placed on emergency services, paramedics and security personnel.

They do not want to play in empty stadiums of the fans.

“The players have understandings and understandings,” said Gordon Taylor, CEO of the Professional Players Association. “It will not be our preferred option, but everything must be considered at present.”

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There is an awareness amongst the players that the leagues depend on TV broadcasting, so with the exacerbation of the crisis, and if the interruption period exceeds beyond the summer, they will be put under more pressure from the clubs that struggle to survive, and rely heavily on the money they receive from the broadcast.The newspaper revealed last week that some clubs fear that the next season will start behind closed doors, as no one knows how long it will take to get rid of the epidemic currently spreading.

However, the Premier League’s emergency summit ended last Thursday with a general acceptance, that when matches resume, they will be behind closed doors.

Football activity was postponed until April 30, and the English Premier League and Game League encouraged the players to be removed from the training ground as part of the closure.

Players are also concerned about training, as gyms are categorized as places that will help spread the virus, and most clubs now have individual fitness plans that they can do from home.


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