Engagement ring designer Yasmine Sabry and Ahmed Abu Hashima tell his story … this is his true price


It is no longer hidden from anyone that the diamond ring that Yasmine Sabry adorned in one of her videos a few weeks ago is an engagement ring presented to her by Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima.

The 5.8-carat yellow and white diamond ring became modern, after the overwhelming evidence of Yasmine and Ahmed’s connection. Yasmine was intentionally showing it in one of her videos, then Abu Hashima published it about an earlier concept and design.

What is the story of the ring?

Jewelry designer Ibrahim Nassour, the son of the ancient Lebanese family in the world of jewelry and precious stones, stated that the famous ring was not designed specifically for Yasmine Sabry, who is considered the second woman to have the honor of developing this design.

As for its price, Nassour said that the ring that Yasmine Sabri in particular wears is less than 50 thousand dollars, while the price of the first ring that was sold to a woman outside Lebanon exceeds the price of 200 thousand dollars, and this amount of detail is sufficient, in order to preserve the confidentiality of the relationship between Nassour And his clients, and asserting that he would not have revealed the identity of the person who bought the ring of Yasmine Sabri, meaning Abu Hashima, if he had not announced this himself.

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