Emirates News Agency – Youth Arbitration Committee reviews films participating in the “Mansour bin Mohammed Award for Short Films”


Dubai, March 18 / WAM / The Youth Jury reviewed the Mansour Bin Award
Muhammad for short films, participating films with a view to voting for them from the point of view

The jury was the fourth session, which includes a selection of personalities
The leader in film production and content industry, they are .. Hani
Al-Shaibani, film director and artistic director of Al Ain Film Festival;
Masoud Allah Al-Ali, director and cinematographer; Nahla Al-Fahd, is a film director
As a producer, she had met earlier to assess films technically and technically.

The formation of a youth arbitration committee comes as a new step in the fourth session aiming
To evaluate the posts from a youth’s point of view, believing in the importance of the opinion of this segment
Societal importance, mainly as the recipient of media outputs
The importance of its role in raising awareness of the human rights issues of interest to Mehwar
the prize.

The Youth Jury met, which includes Ahmed Muhammad Al-Khazraji,
And the young photographer, Maitha Abdullah Al-Rumaithi, and Noura Khasif Talib, at the headquarters of the commission
Community development where all posts were reviewed and evaluated in terms of style of presentation
The expected impact of the idea on the younger generation.

The current session of the “Mansour Bin Muhammad Award for Short Films” is popular with Iqbal
More than young talent, and a remarkable development in terms of quality of posts both
Technical or content side and offering ideas.

The films nominated for the 2020 round will revolve around the three themes
The main prize of the award is: “Youth and the Promotion of a Culture of Peace”, and “Multiple Cultures.”
One Heart, ”and“ Yes to Bridges, No to Walls. ”

Maitha Al Shamsi, Executive Director of the Human Rights Sector, said:
Community Development in Dubai .. “This is the first time that a committee has been formed
Youth arbitration to evaluate posts, and this step is based on modernity
Films seen in movies and their development in terms of idea, creativity and the importance of reading
These ideas are presented by the younger generation who represent a large audience
On spreading awareness of human rights. ”

She added, “We are pleased with the great development witnessed by the participation of this course, which …
It stresses the importance of the Community Development Authority endeavoring to invest youth efforts in broadcasting
Raise awareness of human rights in all societal circles, and invest in platforms
Aim that uses innovation as a creative expressive tool in spreading a culture of rights
Man on the widest scale. ”

WAM / Amal Abidi / Abdel Nasser Menem


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