Emirates news agency – The assets of the UAE banking system jumped to 3.095 trillion dirhams last February


Abu Dhabi, March 18 / WAM / Total assets of the banking system in the country jumped
UAE to about 3.095 trillion dirhams during the month of February, up
It reached 186 billion dirhams, a growth of 6.4%, compared to 2.909 trillion dirhams
The same month in 2019.

This is the highest level reached by the assets of the UAE banking system, enabling it to
Maintaining the first position among its counterparts in the Gulf region and the Middle East.

Statistics released by the UAE Central Bank today show an increase in volume
Deposits with banks operating in the UAE amount to 1.828 trillion
Dirhams during the month of February, a growth of 3.4%, compared to 1.768 trillion dirhams in
February 2019.

The total loans of the banking system increased to 1.745 trillion dirhams in
February 2020, an increase of 4.4% compared to 1.672 trillion a month
Same year 2019.

Domestic credit rose from 1.524 trillion dirhams last February to
1.571 trillion dirhams in February 2019, and the amount of government credit amounted to 231.5
One billion dirhams, while the credit to the private sector reached 1.14 trillion dirhams
The public sector is 185 billion dirhams.

On the level of banks’ investments, they amounted to 409.6 billion dirhams
February 2020, an increase of 14.3% compared to 358.4 billion dirhams in February

Mother / Nasser Aref / Reda Abdel-Nour


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