Emirates News Agency – Football Federation discusses the file of the first national team and its preparation program


Dubai, March 31 / WAM / The National Team and Technical Affairs Committee held a union
Emirates Football Cro today its first new formation, headed by Youssef
Hussein Al-Sahlawi, the second vice-president of the federation, head of the committee.

During the meeting, the committee discussed the items on the agenda
Including the file of the first national team and its preparation program for the remainder of
Joint Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup and Cup Finals
Asia 2023, which has been postponed due to the current health conditions in the world
 To be trading with the coach of the team Ivan Jovanovich about his work program
And his proposals for the coming period, especially in light of the cessation of football activity in the world.

The commission assigned Muhammad Obaid Hammad Al-Dhaheri, the committee’s advisor, with oversight functions
On the first national team during the coming period due to his long experience in
Administrative field.

The committee reviewed the programs of the national teams in preparation for the entries
The next official, whether the Olympic team or the teams of all age groups
For the period 2020-2024.

Attended the meeting – which was made by video calling according to procedures
The precaution used in the Emirates Football Association – Saif Majid Al Mansouri
Vice-Chairman of the Committee, and Muhammad Abdullah Hazam Al-Dhaheri, Secretary General of Etihad
The ball and Ibrahim Al-Nimr, Assistant Secretary-General for Technical Affairs, and Muhammad Obaid
Hammad Al-Dhaheri, advisor to the committee, Adnan Al-Taliani, Abdullah Sultan and Abdul Hamid
Al-Mustaki and Adel Abdulaziz, members of the Committee, and Hassan Fahd as Rapporteur.

The Chair of the Committee wished the members success in their work to develop
Technical aspects and national teams awaiting many benefits
Sphericality during the coming period.

WAM / Amin Al-Dobly / Awad Al-Mukhtar / Asim Al-Khouly


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