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Dubai, March 8 / WAM / Emirates Airlines was taken in the wake of the latest developments
The “Covid-19” virus has spread across the world … more steps that outweigh it
Industry requirements and regulations to ensure the health and comfort of its customers and give them confidence
Reassurance, as all of its aircraft leaving Dubai are subject to precautionary measures
It includes extensive and thorough cleaning and sterilization of passenger compartments.

Emirates uses approved chemical substances – after it reported the latest
Medical discoveries that the “Covid-19” virus is transmitted mainly by contact – to clean
Sterilize the surfaces that come into contact with passengers and crews and to eliminate viruses
Germs and fungi leave these substances on the surfaces as protective layers remain
It works for a long time and prevents any subsequent infection with the virus. These substances are environmentally friendly

The cleaning process includes a thorough scanning of all surfaces from windows and tables
Personal video monitors, armrests, seats and seat controls
Vents, overhead cabinets in the cabin, to bathrooms and hallways
And the comfort areas for the crew members, in addition to the routine procedures
Others such as changing seat covers for all headrests and replacing them
Print and floor cleaning.

Emirates has designated a crew to sterilize the aircraft as it requires the completion of operations
Cleaning and disinfection of the “Boeing” plane, to prepare it for the next trip
18 people work for a full hour while the Airbus “A380” needs
For a team of 36 workers, on average, 248 planes are subject to operation
Comprehensive cleaning and sterilization within 24 hours.

If it is found that a plane has transferred a suspected case or confirmed case with a virus
“Covid-19”, Emirates’ procedures go deeper and subject the plane
A deep cleaning and disinfection process takes 6-8 hours and includes a spray
Interior interior with antiseptic materials and seat covers and seat backs in
The affected area also replaces the air filters in the cabin.

It is noteworthy that all Emirates aircraft are equipped with “HEPA” air filters capable of
Remove 99.97 percent of viruses, germs, fungi and dust
The cabin atmosphere is clean, safe and comfortable for passengers and crew.

And Emirates Airlines has provided more to its customers through its global network
Options and flexibility to adjust their travel dates without incurring a change and return fee
Ticket Issuance This grace policy applies to tickets issued during
From 7-31 March.

Emirates Skywards also offers more flexibility to its members
Affected by the spread of corona virus due to travel restrictions and reduced
The number of flights.

Members of Platinum, Gold and Silver members can maintain their categories
By reaching 80 percent of travel requirements for each category between March 31
June 30 and next, and in addition, the members who booked will benefit
Their flights between March 1 and June 30 next increase of 20 percent
In category miles.

Emirates puts the safety and welfare of its customers and employees at the top of the list
Its priorities, since last January, have revitalized the Emergency Response Team
To monitor daily developments in the “Covid-19” virus outbreak.
And continuous communication with the relevant health and regulatory authorities to ensure the taking
Appropriate actions.

Emirates continues to work closely with all its partners and related bodies
Industry to ensure the continued safety, comfort and well-being of travelers on
Her flights.

WAM / Munira Al-Sumaiti / Abdel Nasser Menem


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