Emirates Airlines expects its financial performance to be affected by the Corona virus


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Dubai: Emirates Airlines expects its financial performance to be affected by the outbreak of the Corona virus, which led to a global decline in air travel, according to an internal notice seen by Reuters.
The Dubai-based state-owned airline, whose fiscal year ends this month, has suspended flights to Iran and most of the Chinese mainland. The UAE urged its citizens and residents not to travel abroad.
“At this point, there is very little doubt that our financial performance for the year will be affected,” said the employee’s internal notice, dating back to March 4.
He also said that the passenger numbers were greatly affected.
Emirates Airlines, one of the largest airlines organizing long-haul flights, did not respond to a request for comment.
And a sector authority warned last week that the outbreak could cost airlines up to $ 113 billion in revenue as airlines worldwide rush to cut flights and costs.
The notice said: “Emirates Airlines is a very strong and financially well established company. But the type of aircraft we fly, the length of our routes and our general cost base mean that we can feel the repercussions of the ordeal quickly. ”
He added: “The company is heading to review the tracks and the reduction to a smaller capacity, when appropriate, and to cancel the unprofitable flights, on an almost daily basis.”
Most Emirates passengers in Dubai pass their route to other destinations. The company does not operate domestic flights.
The company announced a rise in its semi-annual profits last November, supported by lower fuel prices.
Emirates Airlines said on March 3 that it had redundant resources and required its employees to get unpaid and unpaid leave.
However, other internal emails seen by Reuters showed that the company subsequently informed pilots and aircraft crews that unpaid leave is only available to employees not associated with operations, and not with them.
The company did not respond to a question from Reuters about the matter.


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