Elisa participates in the campaign of goodness via MTV


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Elaf from Beirut: The artist Elissa answered the call of goodness through a donation campaign launched by the MTV station to help all the needy Lebanese, and the non-governmental and governmental hospitals, including Rafic Hariri Hospital where most of those infected with Corona virus and the Red Cross are treated. She confirmed that she will donate to the Rafic Hariri Governmental Hospital through the “Time is Raised” program presented by the journalist Mersal Ghanem. Pointing out that she is proud of the Lebanese solidarity and the MTV effort at this difficult time, revealing that she has donated to secure the largest possible number of food rations for poor families who have lost their livelihood and are currently unable to provide food. Here is a link to her post:

In defense of pets:
It is noteworthy that it launched a campaign against those who give up their pets for fear of transmitting a Corona infection, describing them as “heartless.” She wrote: “In people without a heart, they disturb their pets in a frightening way, indicating ignorance. Pets do not move and act in the way they are, and they are brutal in every sense of the word.”

To the Lebanese actress Elissa, I called through “Ghanem” program, expressing pride

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