Elisa gives her mother and mothers a special style (video)


Today, star Elisa congratulates her mother in a poignant way, bringing them together, and all mothers on Mother’s Day.The Lebanese artist published a picture of her embracing her mother through her account on “Twitter”, and also posted a video on the “Instagram” site, commenting: “Oh, Lord, leave you, my mother, oh six beloved, my beloved.”

And she said in an additional tweet: “Lord, whoever has a deceased mother, have mercy on her, and whoever has a sick mother, reveal it, and whoever has a mother with her health, keep it.”

Elisa had spoken in direct dialogue with her followers and fans on social networks, as she was keen to keep the name of her new album anonymous and only indicated that the song would be the first letter of it is S.

She emphasized that she would not retire from art and that the next album not be her last, but rather her last with Rotana, and she said: “I will complete on my own and produce for myself.”


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