Elisa attacks the Lebanese authorities because of Corona



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The Lebanese actress Elissa has published a Tweet on “Twitter”, criticizing the Lebanese authorities’ handling of the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

Elisa wrote: “If they let us down, they say: We do not need to panic, and do not work like what was necessary, because we would not have reached the fun if they did not. They would be underestimating the health of people, considering that there is no need for fear. The disaster has become and the virus is spreading because we are not a country. “.

Elisa’s tweet came against the background of the announcement of the Lebanese Minister of Health, Hassan Hamad An incalculable development occurred In the past 48 hours, it was found that cases of coronaviruses have been released from countries not classified as endemic to Lebanon.

Hamad said: “We take responsibility and follow all the measures that protect society from the spread of the epidemic. In the cases that were recorded today, we got out of the containment phase of the virus, unfortunately we have two or three unknown sources.”

He called on the Minister of Health to stop gatherings and reduce communication and public meetings.

AndRafic Hariri Hospital issued The university has its daily report on the latest developments on the Corona virus, in which he explained that “the hospital received 45 cases in the emergency department designated to receive cases suspected of being infected with the new Corona virus, all of them underwent the necessary medical statements, and 15 of them needed to enter the quarantine based on the evaluation of the observer doctor, while The rest remain committed to the domestic stone. “


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