Egyptian authorities arrest a member of parliament


Egyptian authorities arrest a member of parliament


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Egyptian authorities arrested Jamal Al-Shuwaikh, a member of Parliament, on charges of receiving a bribe.

According to the details, the aforementioned deputy received a bribe of 300,000 pounds from the Chairman of the Next Home company in exchange for exploiting his influence with some officials of some government agencies, to end the procedures for recovering a 7.5 million pound guarantee guarantee in one of the company’s projects in Mokattam.

The Administrative Control Authority had arrested earlier, and in implementation of the Public Prosecution’s decision in the same case, the arrest of a number of Al-Moqattam neighborhood officials, including the director of the housing area, and the director of organization for obtaining bribes in the amount of bribery amounting to about 1.5 million pounds from the aforementioned company to complete the procedures for issuing licenses The indicated project.

Nasser Hatem

Source: RT


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