Egypt – Wael Jassar reveals the secrets of his life to Amir Karara: Sellers of pranks … and kept my daughter away from art


(MENAFN – Youm7) During his arrival as a guest on Sahran’s program with Amir Karara, the star Wael Jassar revealed many aspects of his personality, as he touched on his relationship with his family in addition to many other things regarding his life, we highlight the most prominent in the following lines.


The star Wael Jassar emphasized that, because of his work, he takes advantage of any opportunity and leave to work in order to live with his children, preferring not to stay out of the house and stay with his family because the whole time he left the home.

I don’t want his daughter to enter art

Wael Jassar revealed that he absolutely does not prefer that his daughter become an artist or enter the artistic community, pointing to the difficulty of the profession to a large extent, and therefore he does not like to enter the artistic community, stressing at the same time that he will be in its appearance the state of her design.

Sellers of dumps

Wael Jassar emphasized that, unlike the calm personality taken from him, it is always preferable to make dumps in his companions from the lyric band, particularly during their flight on flights together, especially that he does not like sleep and therefore does not like to sleep on trips and to make dumps in them and then photograph them videos.

Sahranin program is broadcast every Friday at eleven in the evening on Oni screen, and presented by the star Amir Karara, who during the episode received the title of ambassador of the Egyptian Federation for People with Intellectual Disabilities.



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