Egypt News Art / Mohsen Sabry for “Technical Dawn”: I am preparing a new play by director Mona Radwan .. From the good luck of my acting career and directing


* My experience in the series “ We Love Tani Les ” was very beautiful.

* The scenes of the work in “We Love Thani Les” are more than wonderful.

* An optional basis for my roles is for the character to be influential, however good or evil he is.

* I always follow the audience’s reactions.

* I was honored to work with many stars, including Yahya Al-Fakhrani.

* I was hoping to work with “Souad Hosni” and “Ahmed Zaki”.

“My mother” is the unknown soldier in my life.

* From my good luck my career “acting and directing”.

* Art gave me sophistication in my behavior, and refined my psyche.

* Art consumed my life and took a lot from me.

Consider Italy as an example, and do not underestimate the prevention of the Corona virus.

* I am preparing a new play with director “Marwa Radwan”.

A talented artist and director who started his artistic career in the series “Abdullah Al-Nadim” and achieved great success, then he presented many artworks and managed to penetrate the hearts of millions with his distinguished art, and he retired from the artistic community for twenty years and returned again to his fans and presented the series “My Love from Tkhoun” , And the series “Seif Allah”, in addition to the upcoming Ramadan season, in the series “We Love Tani Les”, and he threatens his fans with many surprises.

He met “Artistic Dawn” With the artist Mohsen Sabry, to talk to him about his experience by participating in the series “We Love Tani Les,” and the scenes of work and artwork that he is preparing to present during the coming period.

And to the text of the dialogue …

Initially, I congratulate you on your participation in the series “We Love Tani Les”, how was your experience participating in this series?
It was a nice experience, and I ask for prayers for success in order to perform the role in a way that would appeal to the audience to be as well as my performance in the series “My Beloved of Betrayal”, because the majority of my fans were through this series and all of them demand me to maintain this level.

What attracted you to participate in this work?
I participated in this series because it was primarily written by Professor “Amr Mahmoud Yassin,” the same one who authored the series “My Beloved of Betrayal”, and the director Professor “Mostafa Fikry”. They give me a special appreciation for their work and I have a great responsibility from them and this is a great honor for me.

How were the scenes of work in this series?
The scenes of the series were more than wonderful in terms of production and production, and my fellow artists. I felt my return in the artistic community after retiring for twenty years and I was always in a state of euphoria while I was in the midst of them and the scenes of the work of this series represent me the best scenes that I have experienced throughout my life .

What basis do you agree with for your role?

The basis that concerns me in choosing my roles is the presence of a character with features and to be in love with her and my feeling of being as an actor in this role, and that the character’s events are influential whatever her classification is “good or evil” even if only one scene, and their suitability for me so that I can do it because it is impossible I have a less old personality.

Do you follow the audience’s reactions to any work you do?
Of course, I follow the reactions of the audience to any work I do, especially after I contain a mass space and an audience demanding that I work more in the artistic arena and this is a livelihood and not in my hand, but all I have is to be on the same level as I was in my previous work that I got Love and admiration from the crowd, and I wish success from our Lord, and I will be continually appreciative of them.

Which of these old actors did you wish to work with?
I was privileged to work with many of the big stars, beginning with the artist “Mahmoud Al-Melegy” in the first artistic work I am playing with a scene in the series “Abdullah Al-Nadim”, and Professor “Samiha Ayoub”, and Professor “Omar Al-Hariri” in my performance of their son’s role in the “Moment of Choice” And Professor “Yahya Shaheen” in the first and second part of the series “The Mill” in my role as his nephew who took over the management of the village’s health unit, and the wonderful artist “Shadia” in the movie “Do not ask me who I am”, and Professor “Yahya Al-Fakhrani in my performance of the role of his son in the series “Exit from a dilemma”, and Professor “Hoda Sultan” and Professor “Mohamed Reda” in “Abandoned Heaven”, I was hoping to work hard with art The late “Souad Hosni” and the artist “Ahmed Zaki” caused me an obsession with acting.

Which new actors do you have a bright future for?
There are many new actors that I expect for a brilliant future and a very excellent performance, and for the many of them I am afraid that I will forget any of them.

Who is the unknown soldier in your life?
My mother, God have mercy on her, is the unknown soldier in my life, as she was a believer in me more than my faith in myself, and I lost her ambition after my isolation from acting and my direction towards directing, and it can be said that my life is the one who controlled me more than control my future career.

Art gives and takes, what did he give you and what did it take from you?
Art gave me sophistication in my behavior and refined my psyche a lot, but it took a lot from me and consumed my life with my great love for directing and acting, but thank God our Lord honored me as a director by obtaining about 20 awards inside and outside Egypt, and the presence of works for me studying at the Film Institute and representing my work for Egypt in the Arab world cinema alongside her participation In international festivals.

I see myself lucky to be in this profession, and this allowed me to love me for anything related to art, such as music, visual arts, Arabic and English songs, opera, and everything related to art. I adore him.

What do you think about presenting some series currently on the electronic platforms?
Until now I have not seen this type of series, but I have been tempted to see this new trend, which contains another window for viewing, but I see that this reduces the enthusiasm of the audience and the difference between it and the TV is a different type of production at the same cost of the drama, but it can be more because it has become a joint And money, and the profits of advertising and the Internet.

Address the public to prevent corona virus?
Prevention of this virus is very important, and I hope not to be underestimated. There are large countries in Europe, despite the tremendous progress that they have, but it was lost as Italy, so our prevention must be much higher and we must take intoConsidering that if you are underestimated, you are harming yourself, your family, your people, your neighbors and all those around you.
What artworks are you preparing to release during the coming period?
I am preparing for a new play in the opera with director “Marwa Radwan”, and, God willing, after getting rid of the “Corona” crisis, it will be prepared for rehearsals and show after the feast.

Date: 2020-03-23


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