Egypt- If you don’t know what you see .. 8 group mobile games that you can play with your friends from home


(MENAFN – Youm7) The spread of the Corona virus has left many people indoors during the current period, as going out to work became important or to buy some necessary supplies, which makes a lot of time and generates a feeling of boredom and emptiness, and modern smart phones are a great tool for entertainment, and they can be used Watching multimedia content as well as enjoying some games with friends. To make things easier, we offer a list of mobile multiplayer games online, which the user can play with his friends and family as follows:
– PUBG Mobile game:
It is a free game available on both Android and iOS, and gives the user an opportunity to spend time with his friends and family digitally, as the game also comes with an in-game chat feature that allows players to speak with other colleagues while playing, and apart from that, the game offers many modes Various game like Team Deathmatch, Battle Royale mode etc. and there is also a Lite version of the game specially designed to run on low devices.

Call of Duty: Mobile:

The game is also free and available on both Android and iOS, and it is one of the most popular mobile games that offer a lot of maps and game styles to choose from, as the game was jointly developed by Tencent Games, which is also a developer of PUBG Mobile, and the game features similar game dynamics in addition to To responsive controls, Call of Duty Mobile also has an in-game chat feature that allows players to communicate with their teammates.

FIFA Soccer Game:

Available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Android and iOS, it is a game that allows players to build a team and participate in 11v11 team play mode in real time, and the game also offers more than 650 events in the brand new World Tour mode which provides many advantages for users .

Fortnite game:

A free game available on Windows, Xbox One, PS4, Android and iOS operating systems, Fortnite is the first mobile game to introduce the Battle Royale concept to the public and the best part of the game is that it supports cross-platform support which means that players from consoles, PC and mobile They can join one team and play the game, and the game comes with attractive graphics and enhanced touch controls.

Clash of Clans:

It is a free game available on both Android and iOS, and Clash of Clans is a third-person strategy game where players can create a clan or join and play together, and the game allows players to build their village, raise a clan, and fight a war to defend the village, and has received The game recently has a new update that brings a large number of new features like the new Town Hall 13, heroes and many more.

Carrom Pool Game:

A free game is also available on both Android and iOS, Carrom Pool is the digital version of the popular Carrom board game, and carrom can be played by four players at a time, Carrom is a game that almost everyone knows, and the digital version has exactly the same feature and rules Like the physical game.

– Ludo King game: free to play and available on Windows, Android and iOS operating systems The game was nominated as one of the best games of 2019, and the game is still very popular and has more than 300 million downloads, and as the name suggests, the game depends on the popular table game The best part about the game is that it is available on PC, Android, as well as iOS and supports cross-platform multiplayer games.

8 Ball Pool

A free game available on both Android and iOS 8 and Ball Pool is classified as the # 1 multiplayer pool game on mobile devices, the game supports 1vs1 multiplayer mode and comes with intuitive touch controls.



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