“Education” issued a circular on the details of “Spring Vacation”


The Ministry of Education has issued a circular regarding the details of the spring vacation, obligating all government schools in the country not to have any students in the school building for a period of four weeks from the date of March 8 to March 19 for a period of two weeks.
The administrative and educational staff leave from Sunday, March 8 to Thursday, March 12, “for a period of one week”.
Specialized training for the administrative and educational body will be from Sunday 15 March to 19 March for a period of one week, provided that the distance education initiative for students begins on Sunday 22 March until Thursday 2 April next “for two weeks”, according to the school schedule specified from 8:30 In the morning, until 1:30 pm.
The administrative and educational body is committed to the official working hours in the schools during the period of applying the distance learning initiative from 8:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon, so that the school departments work to create a work environment in the distance education initiative for all the targeted groups “students – teachers – parents Things, “and provide the necessary support.
Students will resume their school hours on Sunday, April 5, marking the start of the third semester.
The Ministry called for adherence to the instructions of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection regarding the necessity of avoiding travel in view of the current situation of the new Corona virus and its spread in several countries.
In the event of travel, preventive measures will be taken upon return from outside the country at the discretion of the competent authorities, such as medical checks at the airport, and then kept in the home quarantine until the traveler is assured of safety. And in case of confirmation of infection with the virus, sanitary isolation procedures will be applied in health facilities to ensure safety and avoid contact with others.


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