Dubai Science calls for “telemedicine”


Dubai (Al Ittihad)

The Dubai Science Park held a digital seminar online within the “Advance Health” series, which is held periodically by the Dubai Science Park in order to encourage the exchange of information about the emerging virus, and provide opportunities for acquaintance and communication, and improve patient outcomes in the UAE.
The seminar was held to reach the partners of the complex, which includes more than 350 companies, and employs more than 3,700 employees.
The discussion was moderated by Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, Director General of the Dubai Science Park, and was attended by Dr. Fatima Bin Shabib, Head of Policy Development at the Dubai Health Authority, and Dr. Emmanuel Monsar, Assistant Professor in Health Policy and Management at the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government and Wael Al-Amin , Clinical Microbiology Consultant and Infectious Diseases Physician at Kings College Hospital Dubai.
Marwan Abdul Aziz Janahi said: “At the Dubai Science Park: Now is the perfect time to promote the use of previously launched healthcare technologies, such as telemedicine, applications and devices that are widely available so that people can use them, according to the guidance of the competent authorities.”
Dr. Fatima bin Shabib said: «There is a misconception that young people under the age of 35 are not at risk of infection, but they really can catch it and pass it on to others, and that no one knows for sure how the virus is transmitted and developed, as some people contract it without showing any Symptoms, while others develop a mild upper respiratory infection, with minor symptoms such as sneezing or a runny nose, while some people have more serious complications and need medical attention.


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