Dressed as a dog to break the quarantine – thought and art – east and west


A man was seen on the deserted streets of Toledo in Spain in an amazing situation this week, as he was photographed walking on four in a “Canech” dog mask.

Obviously, the man wanted to challenge the prohibitions imposed in Spain to leave freely and at any time from his home.

It is reported that the population of the Iberian Peninsula is under strict containment measures in an attempt to eliminate the epidemic of the deadly coronavirus by domestic quarantine.

The image posted on Twitter elicited many reactions, and if she had laughed at many, others did not hesitate to attack the “dog man”.

Several traits, including “crazy”, “foolish”, and various qualities – sometimes very insulting – have been tested by Internet users to describe this disguised individual under the guise of a dog.

According to the “Todo Noticias” channel, disaffected Spaniards did not hesitate to report this irresponsible behavior to the city authorities.

The anger, expressed, is in the context of a real health crisis, with the death toll rising daily in the country and reaching a total of 4,858 deaths on March 27 since the virus entered Iberia, according to (cnews).



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