Doubts about the injury of 3 individuals in “Formula 1” in Corona


Officials announced that three members of the Hass and McLaren teams, participating in the Formula 1 World Championship, are in voluntary isolation due to fears of infection with the emerging coronavirus, on the sidelines of the Australian Grand Prix, the first stage of the championship that starts this weekend.

An official in the Haas team told “Agence France Presse” that “two elements of the team showed symptoms, and they were subjected to examination and put themselves in voluntary isolation, as appropriate, pending the release of the results.”

For his part, a McLaren team official confirmed: “We can confirm that a member of the team is in voluntary isolation at the hotel as a precaution in line with our policy, after it showed symptoms similar to the emerging corona virus.”

He added that the team expects to obtain the results of the examination in the coming hours, but “works according to the usual program”, pending that.

The three were tested at the Albert Park in Melbourne, which is preparing to host the first race for this season on Sunday.

Australian race organizers have previously stated that it is out of the question to establish it without an audience against the background of the spread of the virus.

This position came after the organizers of the Bahrain Award announced, the second stage of the championship, preventing fans from attending experiments and racing on the Sakhir circuit, in light of fears of the spread of the “Covid-19” virus, which affected many sporting events around the world, pushing to cancel some of them. Or postpone another, and do a lot of activities behind closed doors in the face of the fans.

But those involved in the race and the teams in Australia, confirmed on Wednesday that the drivers will not be allowed to mix with the usual fans in terms of taking signatures or taking pictures with them. Meanwhile, Renault, Australian Daniel Ricciardo and French Esteban Ocon, drivers pulled out of the press conference scheduled for Wednesday.

“I hope you will understand the reasons that motivate us to take such measures,” Renault manager Cyril Abitbol told reporters.

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