Domestic quarantine requires an assessment of the housing environment


Dr. Hussein Abdel-Rahman Al-Rand, undersecretary of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection of the centers and clinics, emphasized that the home quarantine does not mean placing a monitor on the door of the patient’s home or installing monitoring devices for the patient, but the idea of ​​this type of quarantine is based on the patient’s awareness and commitment to the health authorities ’instructions, maintaining His health and health of his family members and the safety and security of society.

Noting that people who have been exposed to the disease may need to remain in quarantine for a period of less discomfort for two weeks, and it is important to ensure that the home environment meets the individual’s physical, mental and medical needs, and a home assessment must be made of its suitability for quarantine.

Special accessories

Dr. Al-Rand said that the patient who is subject to a home quarantine must be separated from his family members inside the house to maintain their safety.

It requires every person who has been quarantined at home to be in a single room, and uses all his requirements only by himself, which includes clothes and toiletries, and to be assigned a bathroom alone and does not go outside for a period of 14 days daily, whether to perform the prayer or buy any needs for him or for the home, and this The same applies to a person suspected of having symptoms of the disease, whether he lives in a single house or in a residential building.

He added: “After the specified period of domestic isolation ends at 14 days, the person suspected of having symptoms of the disease will be evaluated by a specialized medical team that will perform all the necessary laboratory tests until its safety is confirmed, and if it is found that he is a carrier of the disease, he will be transferred to the relevant authorities for health reservation To receive the needed health care until he is cured of the disease. ”



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