Doha and Washington facilitate negotiations to release prisoners between the “Taliban” and al-Haleh


The US peace envoy to Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, announced that Qatar and the United States of America facilitated, on Sunday, the first technical talks between the “Taliban” movement and the Afghan government through “video conference”, on the exchange of prisoners between the two parties.
Khalil said in a tweet on his account on “Twitter”, that the release of prisoners from both sides is an important step in the peace process, as stipulated in Washington’s agreement with the “Taliban” movement, and a decisive step also for humanitarian reasons.

The US peace envoy to Afghanistan stressed that the technical discussions that took place for more than two hours were important, serious and detailed, adding that “the threat of the new Corona virus makes the release of prisoners more urgent.”

He pointed out that all parties expressed their strong commitment to reduce violence, conduct negotiations between Afghans, and a comprehensive ceasefire, and said, “We agreed on another follow-up meeting within two days.”

The Doha Agreement for Peace in Afghanistan, which Washington signed with the Taliban in February, stipulated that the Afghan government release 5,000 prisoners from the Taliban movement, and that the latter would release 1,000 prisoners.

The “Taliban” movement requires the release of all prisoners, before entering into negotiations with other Afghan parties, for a comprehensive ceasefire, the future of the country, and national reconciliation.


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