Does the festival festivals crisis end with this decision of the “Syndicate”?


Source: Cairo – Ahmed Al-Reedy

Experiencing a crisis Folk festivals singers In Egypt, a new chapter, which may be the last chapter in it, after the Music Syndicate headed by Hani Shaker issued a decision aimed at ending the recent controversy over this phenomenon.

The Syndicate issued a statement announcing the establishment of a “Popular Artistic Performance Division” whose members would receive an annual singing license to be granted based on the evaluation of the “listening committee” formed by the union.

Affiliates of this division are required to abide by the regulatory standards and procedural steps in relation to regulatory clearances.

The union has the right to revoke the permit if the member violates the regulatory or union rules, in which case he will not be able to obtain the permit again.

The union revealed the existence of coordination between it and the General Federation of Technical Syndicates, as well as a body Control of artistic works In this regard, he appealed to the Supreme Council for the Regulation of Media to use its powers to prevent the appearance of any person not authorized by censorship via satellite channels.

The union stressed the existence of “channels that have become a breeding ground for types of songs and clips that have not received any regulatory or union licenses or licenses, which has created a vast space that helps to spoil public taste.”

And it seems that the decision will allow For festivals singers To apply to the union for testing, provided that there are special regulations regarding sounds and lyrics. This license will enable them to present their art legally.

After the union announced its decision, the artist Mai Kassab thanked all officials for this decision, considering that it would enable her husband, the popular singer “Oka” to practice his profession legally.

Mai Kassab hoped that festival artists would not enter a new ordeal and that this decision would be the last in this crisis, stressing that these artists were “tired” of this crisis a lot.


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