Doctor reveals: Do not expect Corona to end in Lebanon before this date


Dr. Georges Debre, the medical director of the Hotel Dieu de France Hospital, saw that the assessment of the Corona virus “is based on Ministry of Health numbers, daily statistics of cases that are issued, and how cases are spread in regions. This means that we are still in control of the situation.

The daily trend of injuries indicates that the epidemic is in an upward stage. However, if the current daily figures continue to spread (for example, 37 daily cases for 6 million people in Lebanon), the situation will be acceptable. But we should not expect the crisis to end at least a month and a half ago. “

He continued: “Therefore, we ask the Lebanese to stay in the home, so that the infection does not pass to them, and for the medical device to be able to care for all patients. In the event that everyone is injured at the same time, the hospitals will not be able to receive everyone.”

He said, in an interview with Al-Modon: “The virus will remain. But after the quarantine is over, the number of patients will be much less compared to leaving things without a home stone. When the number of infected decreases, it will reflect on the transmission of the disease more slowly. And when we are in a position no new infections.” In it, Lebanon will have closed the epidemic, and as in China, life will gradually return to normal, and this is the only way available for confrontation.


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