Do what you want, but they got away from me! (Video)


The actress Nancy Ajram revealed how she spends her time at home, while applying the isolation that the Corona virus imposed on everyone, to prevent the spread of infection.

Ajram said during a look on the “Mina and Jarr” program with the media Pierre Rabat, that she spent most of the time with her daughters, noting that she had been staying at home for two weeks, it started with a little difficulty, and then she adapted to the new situation.

She added: “I am entertaining a lot at home and in a lot of things with her sincerity, the beginning was difficult, when I felt you had to sit in the house, as I could not get into my car and go to the studio or to my girlfriend.”And she added: “In the first we used to go to the supermarket walk for girls, and now I send someone to spend my things on me and put them in the oven and cleanse them.”

Ajram continued: “We spend a very sweet time, I learned many things, including sweet ones, by dividing time, studying online, cooking, playing sports, and watching movies.”

And she continued: “The girls watch an hour of suffocating, and an hour they reconcile. This is the text of the day. It is finished, and in the time they say, do what you want, but keep me away.”

Ajram continued: “I discovered many things in my children, and taught me many things, on what you do not give them your time to open their heart and mind to you, and we will teach you about everything by air, and this helps parents a lot in raising children.”


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