“Do not make up for my mother,” a message of mercy to her mother on Mother’s Day


Despite the number of people infected with the new epidemic of corona, exceeding 250 cases in Egypt, the singer Rahma decided to take risks and go to the studio to record her latest song, “What do you make up for, mom” to dedicate to her mother on the occasion of Mother’s Day, taking into account all the precautionary measures to prevent the virus.The song, lyrics and mercy, composed by Tariq Abdel Jaber, Mix and Master Mahmoud Alaa, Galileo Guitar, Sika Guitar Bus, Sherif Abdel Jaber Recording.

And her words say: “What do you make up for, not the treasures of the world, my mother?

The singer Rahma said, “The idea of ​​the song” What is compensating for you, my mother, “came to me after my passing with a harsh feeling in my mother’s tiredness when I felt, God forbid, that I could lose her and she is the rest of me after the death of my father a few years ago.

Rahma added: So I decided to record the song as an expression of me, and a heartfelt message for my beloved mother, especially after she passed through a dangerous operation in the past days.

Rahma expressed her happiness at the continuation of cooperation with the music distributor Tariq Abdul Jaber, with whom she recently made 5 songs that he released to the public two in addition to three songs from the lyrics and composed by Aziz Al Shafi’i and the distribution of Tariq Abdul Jaber, they will be surprises for the fans in the coming summer season.

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