“Do not be afraid, but beware.” The Coruna virus affects men more than women


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“Do not be afraid, but beware.” Corona virus affects men more than women. Today, Thursday, March 26, 2020 07:14 pm

Through numerous reports and studies on the new coronavirus, since it first appeared in Wuhan, China, in late December until now, it has been revealed that “Covid-19” disease is distinguished by age and basic health conditions.

But it has become increasingly clear that the new Corona virus is also sex-specific, as male test results are likely to be “positive” for HIV infection, as well as more likely to die from disease.

According to «Sky News», this trend was seen for the first time in China, where an analysis found that the death rate is 2.8 percent for men compared to 1.7 percent for women.

According to statistics in Italy, the percentage of men who died of the virus was 71 percent of the total deaths, and in Spain, data released on Thursday indicate that the number of men who died of the virus is estimated to be twice that of women victims.

Biological agents

However, there is a growing belief among experts that there are other fundamental biological factors that play a role in the higher number of deaths among men than women with regard to infection with the Coronavirus.

While there are higher proportions of male smokers in many countries, in Italy the proportion is about 28 percent of men and 19 percent of women, and the differences here are not as extreme as China, however, the mortality rate of men is much higher than the proportion Female mortality in Covid disease statistics 19.

The professor at Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, Sabra Klein, confirmed the validity of this observation in China, Italy and Spain, and said, “We are seeing this across very diverse countries and cultures … when I see it, it makes me think that there must be something global that contributes to that”.

Previous research, including research by Klein herself, has revealed that men have fewer anti-virus responses to a range of infectious diseases, including hepatitis C and AIDS.

And studies in mice indicate that this may also be true for corona viruses, although “Covid-19” -19 has not been specifically studied.

“The male immune system may not start an adequate response when it first sees the virus,” Klein said.

Hormones can also play a role in these strange results. The estrogen hormone, a female hormone, has shown an increase in the anti-virus response to immune cells.

Gender differences in the immune response to “Covid-19” are likely to appear in antibody surveys currently underway around the world.

Klein said she had already reviewed papers from that from Chinese medical teams that tracked blood samples from patients during the injury period, and said we can expect more about this soon.

Behavioral factors

In addition, different behavioral factors between the sexes may also have a role. Some studies have shown that men are less likely to wash their hands, less likely to use soap, and are less likely to seek medical care, let alone being more likely to ignore general health advice.

These behaviors may be too general, but it is clear that men are at greater risk than women.

So why are men more vulnerable?

“The honest answer is that none of us knows the real reason behind this,” said Professor Sarah Hawks, director of the Center for Sex and Global Health at University College London.

Early in the outbreak of the Corona virus, smoking was considered a possible reason for this. In China, it is assumed that the proportion of male smokers is about 50 percent, and in contrast, the proportion of female smokers is only about 2 percent, and therefore it is believed that the main differences in lung health contribute In men suffering from symptoms and poor results

The smoking hypothesis was supported by a study published last month, which found that smokers make up about 12 percent of those who suffer from the less severe symptoms of the disease, but 26 percent of them end up in intensive care or die.

Smoking may also be a means of infection in the first place, as smokers touch their lips more than others, and they may share contaminated cigarettes.


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