Disclosure of the result of Trump’s infection with the Corona virus


The White House doctor announced that the results of an examination of the presence of the “Corona” virus, which is widespread in the world and conducted by US President Donald Trump, was “negative”, that is, he was not infected with the virus.

On Saturday, the US President announced that he had undergone a new corona examination, at a time when the White House revealed that he would now examine the temperature of “all those in close contact” with him or his deputy, Mike Pence.

At a White House press conference he sought to reassure Americans by giving directions and guidance on fighting the virus, Trump said he was awaiting the results of a laboratory test he underwent.

Trump also called on the Americans, to pray, on Sunday, in order to raise the scourge of the Coronavirus, and said in a Tweet on Twitter, “It is a great honor to announce Sunday March 15 as a national day of prayer. We are a country that, throughout our history, we have gone to God from For protection and strength in times like this. ”

He added: “No matter where you are, I encourage you to go to prayer as an act of faith. Together we will win easily.”

White House doctor Sean Conley said that US President Donald Trump recently met at least two people who were later confirmed to be infected with the Coronavirus, but had yet to request a screening for the disease.

In a press release released by the White House on Saturday morning, Conley pointed out that Trump held talks with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro last weekend, and at the same time “briefly communicated” with two people, not one, who were infected with the new type of Coronavirus (COVID-). 19 “.

The White House doctor explained that “the contacts of the first person with the president were very limited, and was limited to recording pictures and shaking hands,” noting that Trump “spent more time and directly with the second person, but all contacts took place before the symptoms appeared.”

He noted that “these communications represent a low risk of transmitting the virus, and there is no need for domestic isolation in line with the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

“There is no need for a COVID-19 examination due to the absence of any symptoms by the president,” Conley added.

Trump, on the sidelines of the talks with Bolsonaro, attended a dinner in Florida, with a group of officials including Brazilian Public Communications Minister Fabio Weingarten, who later underwent a Coronavirus test that yielded positive results.

Trump had previously confirmed during a White House press conference that he would “likely” be subjected to a coronavirus medical examination soon, but nevertheless considered that this was not necessary, and he was not linked to his contacts with the injured Brazilian official.

And Friday, Trump declared a nationwide state of emergency, allocating about $ 50 billion in federal funds to fight the Corona virus.

As of Saturday, the number of HIV infections in the United States had reached 2,555, including 55 deaths.

The mysterious virus appeared in China for the first time, on December 12, 2019, in Wuhan, but Beijing officially revealed it in mid-January. Today, the virus is spread in many countries of the world, but most of its deaths and most cases are in China, Iran, South Korea, Japan and Italy.


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