Disclosure of the decision to hold the Tokyo Olympics 2020 – Sports – Arab and International


International Olympic Committee member Dick Pound revealed the decision already taken in the International Olympic Committee for the Tokyo Olympics 2020 championship, which was scheduled to be held on July 24, in light of the situation and the spread of the Corona virus in the world and its widespread spread.

A number of countries had recently announced that they would not send their players to Tokyo in light of the outbreak of the Corona virus, in addition to canceling a number of tournaments that were eligible for the tournament, which put the Olympic Committee in a difficult position to make a decision.

Pound said, in statements to “USA Today”: “Based on the information obtained by the International Olympic Committee, it has been decided to postpone, there is no information available on what will happen, but what is certain is that the Tokyo Olympics will not be launched next July 24, this is what I know and have confirmed it, and the Olympics are likely to be delayed until 2021, similar to the European Cup and the Copa America. ”




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