Disclosure about the nature of Murata’s injury and the duration of his absence from Atletico Madrid


Hosted Atletico Madrid On the seventh of this month, a team Seville To fight against the twenty-seventh round of the championship Spanish first division On the grass of a playground «Wanda Metropolitano»Let the meeting end with a positive tie with two goals.

I feel Alvaro MorataThe Rojeblancos striker, had muscle pain in that match, forcing him to leave the field just four days before the encounter Liverpool The English is in a final price Champions League.

However, Murata recovered and participated in front of Liverpool for 18 minutes, during which he managed to score the goal of his third team, but he suffered a thigh muscle injury.

According to Radio Kobe and also reported to us by our own sources, Murata underwent the necessary medical exams upon his return to Spanish territory, and these tests resulted in what the club was afraid of: that the player suffers from a muscle injury in his thigh and his absence period will range between five to six weeks.

This is the second muscle injury suffered by the Spanish striker in less than a month and a half. On the second of February, he suffered a injury in the Real Madrid match, but he did his best to catch the first-leg match against Liverpool, which was held in the eighteenth of the same month. The player was already able to return from injury in just 16 days.

After returning from his injury against Real Madrid, he participated for several minutes against Valencia to regain the pace of the matches, which helped him participate mainly in the first confrontations of the price of the Champions League final.

Murata: Atletico’s 27th injury of the season

Morata missed participating in the training session the team fought last Monday, but everyone was surprised to see him playing at Anfield in the second leg.

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Diego Simeone paid Morata in the 102nd minute instead of Joao Felix, and in his first long pass he was injured, but he continued to play to exhaust the changes, and was able to score the goal of his third team, and only two days after that match, reports indicated that the player was barely unable to walk due to an injury .

Medical examinations confirmed that Murata suffered a muscular injury, which is number 27 for Atletico Madrid this season.


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