Disastrous information about Corona’s outbreak in Saudi Arabia and wholesale casualties of Yemeni soldiers fighting with the coalition


The famous Saudi Mojtahed “Mojtahed” revealed a catastrophic information about the spread of Corona virus in the Jizan and Najran regions and among a large number of Yemeni soldiers fighting under the banner of the Arab coalition.

“Mujtahid” said in a tweet that these soldiers turned out to be infected with the virus, and there is no review or counting of those who have been with them from Yemen or the coalition.

On Tuesday, the Saudi Ministry of Health announced the first death of a new Corona Virus (COVID-19) of a 51-year-old Afghan national in Medina, who came to the emergency department in a late health condition and his health deteriorated rapidly before his death.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdali, announced in a press conference that 205 new cases were recorded, bringing the total injuries in Saudi Arabia to 767 injuries, including 3 critical cases, while 9 cases recovered, bringing the total recovery cases to 28 cases.

And that among the new cases yesterday, 119 cases were detected in cases related to travel and health isolation since its arrival in the Kingdom’s outlets, and the remaining 86 cases, of which 43 were previously monitored and under health follow-up as they are in contact with previous cases, and the rest is under epidemiological investigation.

He pointed out that the new cases were distributed in the following cities: Jeddah 82, Riyadh 69, Al Baha 12, Bisha 8, Najran 8, Abha 6, Dammam 6, Qatif 6, Jazan 3, Khobar 2, Dhahran 2, and Medina 1.


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