Did Qusai Khouli’s wife enter negotiations to give up her son for a huge sum?


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Madiha Al-Hamdani, the wife of the Syrian artist, Qusai Khouli, denied what was reported on social media and video clips that she was negotiating with her husband in order to give up her son to live with the latter in exchange for a huge sum of money.

A follower of Madiha on Instagram asked her about the news, saying: “I saw a YouTube video saying from reliable sources there are negotiations with Qusai Bash that gives him the boy and you agreed.” Madiha replied directly: “Far from evil … and my son is an impossible soul leaving me my height My life, God willing. ”


On the other hand, media outlets circulated that the “Sami Al-Fihri Idea” program, through which Madiha’s mother announced her daughter’s marriage to Qusai Khouli, was currently negotiating with Madiha to look at one of his episodes to talk about the details of her marriage and Qusai’s relationship with his daughter, and that there was preliminary approval.

Madiha had published, via the “Al-Astori” account, on her account on Instagram, a picture of an account impersonating her and claiming that he took over the management of her business, confirming that it was a fake account and did not have any connection with it.


It is noteworthy that Madiha recently published a photo of her attached to a famous saying of the American financial expert Bernard Baruch, in which he said: “Be what you are and say what you feel, because those who care do not care and those who care do not care,” so that the image sheds attention because of the look that appeared in her hair. White without dyes.

To begin her followers to comment on her picture, where one of the followers said: “I am not big and I have gray hair, even though I care about myself and the excessive dye causes a lot of hair damage. To Madiha Al-Hamdani, to which she replied, “Why do you have to be ashamed … Love yourself as you are.”

Another girl wrote in the picture of al-Hamdani, “It is nice, but why don’t you dye your hair. It does not deserve to be neglected when you are.”

The Syrian artist had revealed in his last appearance when he was a guest on the Dubai Cruise program, the reason that he had not announced his marriage, and his late announcement of the birth of his son, saying that his personal life is his property, and that he hid these news because of his preference to keep his life private.

Source: Fuchsia


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