Diana Karazon holds her tears and advises the Jordanian people not to leave because of Corona .. Video


(MENAFN – Youm7) Jordanian star Diana Karazon directed a set of educational advice to fight the new Corona virus, and said in a video of her directing her advice to the Jordanian people: “For your eyes, Jordan, we are with you,” stressing that awareness is the weapon that we will protect our country, stressing all messages. Raising awareness of commitment in their homes, and not leaving it to prevent the spread of Corona virus. ”

Curzon thanked the children of the Jordanian people, and for all the initiatives. Curzon also singled out the Jordanian government for thanks for the measures it is doing to preserve the children of the Jordanian people, as well as for all members of the Arab army, and the security services that continue their work day and night to preserve the safety of Jordan and its people from this disease, and concluded Karazon, its message: Do not fear Jordan, with the help of God and the efforts of our King Abdullah.

Karzoun appeared in another video, as she tries to trap her tears in which she pleads with the people of the Jordanian people, the need to adhere to their homes, and not go out so that all medical cadres can work and eliminate the Corona virus and limit its spread in the Kingdom of Jordan.



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