Diana Haddad defends the festivals and reveals a strange secret about her retention of her youth in “Her Excellency” .. in the video


Diana Haddad, guest of the “Her Excellency” program with the media Esaad Younes, arrived in her first meeting on an Egyptian program after a few years’ absence, and talked about several things about her artistic and personal life.

Diana Haddad reveals the scenes of her relationship with her daughters

Diana Haddad expressed her passion for concerts in Egypt and the atmosphere of “TV Nights” concerts, which were among the most prominent stars, and revealed the scenes of her artistic life from the beginning in Art Studio in her teenage through her albums in the nineties until the present time in her episode of the “Her Excellency” program.

Diana Haddad talked about her three daughters and said that her youngest daughter is like her and her oldest daughter has become 23 years old and helps her choose her outfits and looks, and indicated that the public is asking her about the reason for her youth and keeping it up until now, and she said that she only practiced ritual meditation and studied in the field of energy and development Mankind is trying to keep her cool by studying this.

Diana Haddad’s statements on “Her Excellency”

Diana Haddad said that she is currently preparing for a duet with an American singer, but he is still in preparation, especially that he requested a huge amount for the duet, and revealed her desire to implement a duet with the artist Mohamed Mounir, and recalled the memories of her song “Mas Wolli” with Cheb Khaled and said that she recorded the song alone Initially, I felt that it was worthy of Cheb Khaled too because of her rai music, and I was surprised by his simplicity and his enthusiasm for the song.

Diana Haddad presented in her episode in “Her Excellency” about songs on the stage, including “Mas Wolley”, “Amanah”, “Walk behind their lies”, “Wounding the Beloved” and “Saken”, and Diana defended the songs of the festivals and said that she liked the song “Bint” Neighbors “and refuses to confiscate or prevent diversity in songs and listeners’ tastes.


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