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A team of researchers developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States Technique New to discover Food Corrupt, by monitoring any increase in the ethylene gas emitted from these foods, indicating that it has started a period of disrepair, and it is known that the more mature the ethylene gas in vegetables and fruits, the more ethylene gas is emitted.

“There is an urgent need to improve food resource management plans and prevent waste,” said Professor of Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Timothy Swagger, adding that “People working in the field of shipping vegetables and fruits need to know their status during the transportation phase, and whether they should take measures to reduce Ethylene ratios to be emitted during transport.

And the team of researchers succeeded in creating a small-sized sensor that can monitor this gas even when its concentration is 15 parts per billion, and they believe that this device can help in the early detection of the spoilage process, thus reducing the percentage of waste from food.

The new device can monitor the ethylene emissions within seconds of the start of chemical reactions, which allows workers in the food industry to monitor the process of spoilage at its beginning, and thus take the necessary measures to protect food from spoilage.

The sensor is made of nano-carbon cylinders containing a catalyst called “palladium”.

This substance can monitor any increase in the ethylene gas released from food during a chemical reaction called oxygen.

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