Despite quarantine in Italy .. major companies continue to “work as usual”


Saudi News Saudi Arabia News – Riyadh: Despite the quarantine in Italy .. Major companies continue to “work as usual” Source of the news – Saudi Arabia -cnn With details of the news despite the quarantine in Italy .. Major companies continue to “work as usual”:

LONDON, UK (CNN) – Some major Italian companies suspended amid a massive closure due to the Corona virus said their business was “operating as usual”, despite restrictions imposed on a large part of the north of the country to contain the largest spread of the virus in Europe.

The ban put the entire Lombardy region, along with 14 other provinces, under travel restrictions, and schools, universities, theaters, cinemas, bars and nightclubs were closed, restricting the movement of more than 10 million people.

And while restrictions are expected to affect the already declining Italian economy, some of the country’s largest companies, including automakers and fashion houses, said on Monday that they were continuing to do business as usual.

The Italian stock exchange, which is owned by the London Stock Exchange Group, said it was “operating normally” and had “strong business continuity arrangements” to ensure markets continued to operate. The main stock index closed Monday, down 11.2%.

Ferrari, the maker of high-performance sports cars, which is based in one of the banned towns based in the ban, also said operations are continuing as usual, adding that “this continuity is subject to our suppliers with whom we are in constant contact”, noting that it is still conducting “ongoing discussions”. With the authorities.

A spokesman for the Italian eyewear group, Luxottica, which is headquartered in Milan and designs Ray-Ban and Oakley glasses, said that all of its locations in the region continue its business, while the sportswear retailer said business operations are “as usual” .

The ban was announced in the country after Italy recorded an increase in the number of Corona virus cases, which reached 1147 cases on Saturday, raising the number of cases in the country to 7,375 cases, with 366 deaths, which is the largest number of deaths outside mainland China, and the largest Spread in Europe. The number of infected cases in Italy since that time exceeded 9100, while the number of deaths reached more than 463 cases.

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