Deciding the fate of the athletes who qualified for the Tokyo Olympics – Sports – Arab and International


Identical sources confirmed Thursday that athletes who reserved their cards for the 2020 Olympic Games, which were scheduled for next summer, before being postponed by the International Olympic Committee due to the emerging Corona virus, will guarantee participation in the next year. The sources confirmed that the International Olympic Committee and the 32 sporting federations, which were scheduled to participate in the Olympics this summer, decided after a conference call on Thursday that about 57 percent of the 11,000 athletes and athletes would have participated in the Tokyo Games this summer, booked their cards to the finals, they will keep them The new date will be next year.
One of the conference participants told (AFP): Thomas Bach (President of the International Olympic Committee), he first explained the reasons for the postponement, then said that the qualified athletes for Tokyo 2020 will automatically qualify for 2021.




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