“Death on the Borders” .. A new film of the island reveals the secrets of the battles on the Saudi-Yemeni border


Al-Jazeera TV broadcasts an investigative movie, “Death on the Borders”, on Sunday evening, which tracks the hidden scenes and scenes of indiscriminate recruitment and details of the battles on the southern border of Saudi Arabia.

The broadcast of the film coincides with this evening, at 22:05 Mecca time, with the fifth anniversary of the launch of the Saudi-Emirati coalition “Operation Storm of Packages”, with the aim of overthrowing the Houthi coup and restoring legitimacy in Yemen.

Al Jazeera previously broadcast investigative films about the events and scenes of the war in Yemen, including the movie “Traders of War Crimes” that was broadcast last June, and asked about the extent of the involvement of countries such as the United States, Britain and France in this war through the arms deals it sells to Saudi Arabia.


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