Date of marriage of Yasmine Sabry and Abu Hashima (photo)


Businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima announced that he is officially linked to the artist Yasmine Sabry, to end the controversy that he raised during the past hours, after he published a picture of his hand being tied in the hand of a girl who was not announced in his account with the application of “Instagram”, and commented on him saying: “My love.”

Abu Hashima’s hand and Yasmin’s hand.

Abu Hashima’s announcement of Yasmine’s name was not surprising to many, especially with the owner of the photo wearing the same ring that the artist Yasmine Sabry wore in pictures on her via “Instagram”, in addition to the reflection of Abu Hashima’s image in Yasmine Sabry’s glasses, which took a picture of “my predecessor” outside Egypt.

Al-Nahar learned that Abu Hashima and Yasmin Sabri’s marriage will take place after the month of Ramadan, as the relationship between them started several months ago, and Yasmin postponed the idea of ​​marriage until she finishes her new drama series.

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