Dangerous tracking software that opens devices and applications and reads messaging software


Researchers have found a company Kaspersky includes a new sample of stalking and tracking software that includes functions that exceed all previously found software, and MonitorMinor software allows trackers to secretly access any data on the devices that they track and track the activities of users of these devices, and see the most popular messaging and social networks, which makes them One of the most dangerous commercial software used to secretly monitor life partners or colleagues.

This software is based on a violation of the privacy of the user, putting his personal information and life at risk, and the consequences of using this software are often related to the real, not virtual, life of the victim whose data is being pursued and monitored, however, the creators of MonitorMinor software resort to obfuscating the application, which indicates their awareness Good for anti-tracking tools and their attempts to counter them.

While simple tracking and tracing software uses geolocation technology, to enable its operator to track the victim’s location, in addition to intercepting SMS and call data in most cases, MonitorMinor goes further, it aims to access data in the most popular and modern messaging software, aware The importance of this software as a method of data collection.

The Android operating system originally prevents direct communication between applications by the protection pattern known by the name Sandbox, But this can change if an SU utility is installed, which gives the ability to access the system root.

Once run, this tool gives full access to the body behind MonitorMinor to available data on a variety of popular messaging and social networking applications, such as Hangouts, Instagram, Skype, Snapchat, and others.

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Moreover, this stalking software is able to access screen unlock patterns, using system root access privileges, enabling the software operator to unlock the device when it is close to it or when it accesses it personally, and this is a unique feature that Kaspersky previously did not specify In any threat related to mobile devices.

But tracking and tracing software is able to work effectively even without access to the system root, by using the Accessibility Service API software interface, designed to make devices suitable for users with disabilities, and tracking software, using this interface, can intercept any incidents Speak to apps as well as live audio broadcasts.

Other advantages of this tracking software include:

  • Control the device using SMS commands.
  • Watch a live video of what the device’s cameras photographed.
  • Record audio from device microphones.
  • View your browsing history in the Google Chrome app.
  • View usage statistics for some apps.
  • View the device’s internal storage content.
  • View contact lists.
  • View system logs.

Victor Chebeshev, head of Kaspersky’s research development team, emphasized the superiority of MonitorMinor software on other stalking software in many aspects, indicating that it can implement all types of tracking and stalking, some of which are unique and almost impossible to detect on the victim’s machine, and said: “This application sweeps the victim’s phone Just the owner completely of any privacy related to its use, and enables the attacker to look back to what the victim was doing on this phone. ”

He added: “The existence of such applications confirms the importance of protection from tracking and tracing software and the need to join efforts to safeguard privacy, and it is important for this matter to introduce our users to this application, which, if it falls into the hands of abusers, can become a superior tool for controlling others, and we have made sure to take Take the initiative to inform our partners on the “Alliance against stalking software“With the information we obtained about this software, in order to ensure protection for the largest possible number of users as soon as possible.”

Kaspersky figures showed that India currently holds the largest share of these software installs, with a rate of 14.71%, followed by Mexico 11.76%, while Germany, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom share of this software installations amounted to 5.88% each.

Kaspersky recommends the following tips to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of stalking and tracking software:

  • Prevent installing software from unknown sources in smartphone settings.
  • Avoid revealing your mobile phone password or PIN code, until they are not trusted.
  • Ensure that all security settings on the mobile device are changed in the event that the life partner’s relationship ends, such as passwords and site access settings in the applications, to avoid the other party’s attempts to obtain information that enables them to tamper with their former partner.
  • Check the list of applications on mobile devices to see if suspicious software is installed without the user’s knowledge.
  • Use a reliable security solution, such as Kaspersky Internet Security, The user feels that there is commercial spyware on his device.
  • The need to contact the relevant official authorities in the event that the user feels that he is being pursued, in order to obtain professional advice.
  • There are agencies that can help victims of domestic violence, stalking, tracking and sexual violence, and can contact Alliance against stalking software In the event of questions about Stalkerware software or the desire for help, note that this alliance was formed by non-profit groups and technical security companies, and its address is on the web: www.stopstalkerware.org.


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