Dammam’s kidnapper is in trouble and shocking secrets about not selling 3 kidnappers to her rogue customers


Dammam (Echo):

The investigations sparked new surprises about the “Nayef Al-Qaradi registration” case in the name of Khaled Muhanna, free of lightning of the Dammam kidnapper, as it found 5 suspects in the “Nayef Al-Quradi registration” case on “Muhanna”.

Investigations showed that retired civil servants, 2 dependents of the “Muhanna” aunt and an employee of the Al-Qatif Hospital were summoned for interrogation, after their relationship to the forgery was suspected of the main suspect’s recognition of the forgery in return for sums of money.

For his part, Kuwaiti journalist Abu Talal Al-Hamrani said: “Investigations have reached 5 suspects in the” Naif Al-Qaradi Registration “case against Khaled Muhanna and that retired civil servants and 2 children of aunt” Muhanna “and an employee of Al-Qatif Hospital have been summoned for interrogation, after their suspicions are suspected. In the forgery process, the main suspect admits that the forgery is for money.

Al-Hamrani indicated during a tweet that he posted on his official Twitter account: “The kidnappings of children were not only” Al-Quradi, Al-Khunaizi and Al-Ammari “. They were there before and after them who were discharged to their customers, and they were women who were treating them by dating because of infertility.”

He explained: “When a customer despaires from a pregnancy, she measures her pulse” if she does not have a newborn child offered to her, but for financial sums, “noting that the reason for the kidnapping of” Mary “for the children is the main concern in the investigations and for everyone who follows the case because there is no justification since she has a boy and a girl She is not barren when she is young, but the shock is that the three kidnapped people are the rest of the kidnappings and they have not been discharged. ”

Echo was still devoting its efforts to following up and publishing the circumstances of the Dammam kidnapping case, which occupied public opinion to locate the kidnappers and their custodians.


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