Dalia Mostafa reveals the truth about her separation from Sharif Salama


The Egyptian artist Dalia Mostafa denied the truth of the rumors that she asked for a divorce from her husband, the artist Sherif Salama, after a video clip was leaked to him accompanied by a number of artists, confirming that she was keen on

Photo published by artist Dalia Mostafa on her Instagram page – Photo: @sherifelbouhyofficial

Watch it and find it normal and do not know the secret of the uproar around it.
Dalia, during her hosting on the “With You” program presented by the media Mona El Shazly, through the “CBC” satellite channel, denounced the campaign against her husband Sharif Salama, by some of the pioneers of the social media, and said: “People have sensed me that there is a leaked video of Josie, because of the many The messages on the clip. “
The Egyptian actress added that the rumor of separation was strongly echoed after the appearance of Sharif Salama in a video with two actresses, noting that they were on their way back from work, confirming that their lives were going normally without any problems, but she felt sad because of her situation in this embarrassing situation.
She was astonished by the comments of some on a new photo session that she launched following the success of her latest series, “Champs Elysees Champs Elysées,” where some linked her appearance with an attractive look and the rumor of her divorce, and they considered merely publishing the photos a divorce declaration, which is not true.
She indicated that she refused to comment on the video, as she refused to respond to the rumor of divorce, and contented itself with an indirect clarification published by her husband Sharif Salama, in which he said that it is the most valuable thing in his life, and all love, all life, beloved, wife, and mother will continue to be loved by her whole life, and he responded to him with only one word: I love you .

A picture published by the artist Dalia Mostafa on her Instagram page – Photo: Without Credit
A picture published by the artist Dalia Mostafa on her Instagram page – Photo: Without Credit


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