Crying and joy .. video Kuwaiti star declares “penance” after taking off her hijab


Fashionista surprised
Ghadeer Sultan, her followers, announced her intention to “repent” and stop appearing against her
Through her accounts on social media, a decision that I attributed to the spread of death
Among people these days.

Ghadeer Sultan said,
In a clip she posted on her Snapchat account: “She saw that we are currently
In the period of awakening, it is necessary for each one to wake up and see Shaqdaad only in his life.
People are a rule that dies without a trace, who die, we don’t know how many. ”

She added: “From
For the moment, I want my father to repent, and my father never showed my face yet. I was in favor of my father and I wanted to let you down.
The new look that I had settled .. But from inside, I was not happy, despite the communes that were used to say
Sweet tricks, madness, and your dreams, but I feel happy that you are saying happy and scent. ”

Ghadeer followed
Saying: “I felt that salvation is the moment of awakening, my right, if salvation is what you know, Fini is not my father
Show my face, salvation, I share with you, I inform you of things in your life, but I do not make things wrong and affect my
Any house in you, my image can affect any house in you, (..) This is the best decision I have made in my life. ”

She cried
It is a joy when you make this decision.

It is said that “Ghadeer”
She wore the hijab before removing it about two years ago, on the pretext that she was showing the hijab to people in a picture
Wrong not in accordance with the law.

And she said in a video:
“I said, ‘Oh, I wear the veil, justice, oh either salvation,'” she said, noting that the veil was restricting it
You are not dressed and you cannot wear anything with him.

A beggar is a native
1988 in the city of Salmiya in Kuwait, and obtained a bachelor’s degree from Kuwait University in the year
2011, and has over 2 million followers on social media.


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